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The report

After several years in the aeronautics industry, the importance of what’s at stake in the energy sector leads me back to university in 2006. After publishing several studies on energy at regional level, I worked on solar photovoltaics, while carrying out research on peak oil and territorial resilience.

Since 2010 and the creation of my peak oil awareness blog (, I carried out nearly 100 conferences in France (Assemblée Nationale, Science Po’, École Normale Supérieure) or in local or regional settings.

I started an alert initiative on peak oil, signed by numerous experts in the framework of the 2012 French presidential campaign. I am a member of the Momentum Institute, a local transition initiative, of the Virage Energie Centre association. I am cowriting a book on the opportunity of improvement of local resilience in the context of current and future crises. “contact the author”

Yves Cochet is a French MEP, member of the Green group. In France, he was one of the founders of the first Green party.

After an academic career as a mathematics professor at the University of Rennes, he became one of the first French Green MEPs at the European Parliament in 1989. Then he was elected as a Member of the French parliament, the “Assemblée nationale”, in 1997. In 2001, he became Minister of the Environment in the Lionel Jospin government. He remained a national member of the French Parliament until the end of 2011 when he became a MEP.

He wrote many books on Ecology and Peak oil, such as “Sauver la terre”, “Petrole apocalypse”, or “Antimanuel d’Ecologie”.


Firstly, I want to thank Yves Cochet for the trust he has bestowed on me by offering me the realization of this study.

I especially thank Mr. Denis Babusiaux, Pierre-René Bauquis, Philippe Labat, Jean Laherrère and Olivier Rech for their availability, their expert eyes focused on my work and for their valuable advice and data they were willing to send me.

I would like to thank and express my gratitude to the following persons:


Finally, I would like to thank all those who gave me support and advice or have completed proofreading of the report. I think especially my grandmother, my parents, Anne, Caroline, Jean-Baptiste, Eric, Patrick, Philippe and all the other members of my family and friends

Cette étude a été commandée par le Groupe des Verts/ALE au Parlement.